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Sea Olimpic Shipchandler Ltd

Haroldo Lobo Street, # 99

Aribiri – Vila Velha – ES


Tel: +55 27 3323 1534

Fax: +55 27 3323 1534

E-mail: seaolimpic @ ( 24 hours per days)

Skype: sea.olimpic






Company's main activities: Ship Supplier (Provisions, Bonded, Cabin, Engine, Deck,

Stationary, Chemical, Paints and others).


Port(s) of operation: Vitoria and Rio de Janeiro.


The Sea Olimpic Shipchandler was stabilized with a mission to supply the Cargo

Vessels in Vitoria and Rio de Janeiro´s ports. Our company are able to serve your

vessels at anchorage or berthed at the ports.


We are covering the following ports: Vitoria, Tubarão, Portocell, Praia Mole, Ponta do

Ubu, TVV Terminal and Outskirts, Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis, Sepetiba and Itaguai



Our company has been supplying many vessels in Brazilian Ports and we work with

high quality items and namebrands. We are competitivily prices and the best discounts.


Almost one decade with known quality by our clients served on the last years. We have

had grow our services and structures in reason of many requisition to supply the

Offshores and since 2010 we have been supplying also the Offshores.


Our structure are able to attend any expectative, equiped with Offices, Warehouse,

Freezer Chamber for Products with long and short expiry date, Freeze for Cheese, Meat,

Fish and others products and also our Trucks are certificated by the Health authorities



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